Becoming a Writer, Part Two – Learning to Write

So many useful tips here!

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OK, so you have some vague idea, a desire to do something creative, and a blank page open in front of you. The blank page is winning against the combined might of your desire and your idea. And now Facebook is involved, and pictures of cats. How can you hope to win? Best to just gather your strength and try again tomorrow, right?

And then tomorrow is the same, and the day after, and so on.

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Character Development

I am conducting an interview with Faye Richardson, one of the two main characters of my forthcoming book The Watcher, on Sunday 10th March. I would appreciate my followers submitting some questions as an exercise in character building and also I’m sure there’s things you’re just dying to know about this sexy lady!

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Before I write …

Before I write down one word, I have to have the character in my mind through and through. I must penetrate into the last wrinkle of his soul.


10 Random Facts about Me




  •  I was born in the Chinese year of the fire horse which means I am selfish, More cunning than intelligent, passionate and unlucky! ( All unfair and totally untrue-Not!!!)


  • I don’t really like Ice Cream and no that doesn’t make me strange! It definitely shouldn’t be served with cake or pie.


  • I have worked as a Tarot card reader on phone lines and have actually been reading the cards for over twenty years.


  • I can touch the floor with the palms of my hands without bending my knees, in fact I can walk around like that. (My party trick)


  • My Favourite band is Linkin Park. They are the soundtrack to my life!


  • I love antiques and have a small collection of Steiff bears and antique fans.


  • My two favourite sandwich fillings are Fish fingers and Cheese with Marmite


  • My favourite day out is a day at the races and if I ever make enough money I will buy a racehorse and call her The Honeythief (private joke)


  • Unlike most women I don’t love shoes and handbags. I love shopping for underwear and Pjs and have drawers full of both.

  •  I love anything at all to do with vampires.


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“Sam laughed, a…

“Sam laughed, a funny, self-deprecating laugh. “You did read a lot. And spent too much time just inside the kitchen window, where I couldn’t see you very well.”

“And not enough time mostly naked in front of my bedroom window?” I teased.

Sam turned bright red. “That,” he said, “is so not the point of this conversation.”
― Maggie Stiefvater, Shiver